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It is the conveyor drum that moves the conveyor belt belt and is attached to the head of the belt. If the belt length is long, more than one drive drum can be used in a belt plant. Rubber coating is applied so that the conveyor drum can grip the body pipe well.
It has a detachable shaft and is connected to the drum pipe with a clamp system.
For a better grip, it is coated and ground in 10-25 mm thickness, 65 ± 5 Shore hardness, and a lozenge or sergeant pattern is formed.
It is produced as hot vulcanized according to various hardness values suitable for the project.


The extrusion system conveyor drums provide both time and cost advantages compared to the drum construction, which was previously formed from the metal extrusion pipe and with the welding system.


Idler drums work completely independently.


The magnetic drum is made of stainless steel and we can customize it to suit your requirements. It is used to clean cereals and flour, semolina from metal particles. It is used in cleaning, processing, grinding facilities and feed factories of cereals such as wheat and corn.


In case the conveyor belt length is short, the conveyor tail drum is attached to the end of the belt and the tensioning system is connected to the shaft of the tensioner drum.
In case the conveyor belt length is long, it is used as a conveyor tail drum, as well as with weight mechanisms in the belt tensioning system. Generally, rubber coating is not applied on the drum body tube. It has a detachable shaft and is connected to the drum pipe with a clamp system.
By giving 1º taper per 3/2 on the outer surfaces of the drum pipes, the band will be prevented from moving and slipping. Diameters of drum pipes; It has diameters between 220 mm and 1400 mm, and surface widths of 400 mm and 3000 mm, according to the width and length of the belt calculated according to the load it will carry.


Elevator conveyor drums are used in elevator type conveyor systems. The elevator drum is small in size and is used to ensure the movement of the elevator buckets. It can be manufactured in accordance with your project in desired dimensions, with or without rubber coating.


Ceramic drum coating eliminates belt vibration and scraper rattling in standard coatings.
It has a new corrugated design that can be easily mounted, this feature eliminates the distance between the strips in weld-on coatings.
It is the material with the highest coefficient of friction among the coating materials, it has a friction rate of 3 times higher than standard coatings in dry, humid and muddy environments. Thanks to its unique design, the edges of the ceramic parts are not as sharp as standard ceramic coatings, so it does not damage the conveyor belt.


The polyurethane lag is designed to be applied to non-driven pulleys only. The advanced formulation and manufacturing process of our polyurethane results in a product with a very low DIN wear level that will last up to 4x longer than most rubber delay products. Polyurethane also offers excellent product spill properties.

Hot cast polyurethane coatings are designed to be applied to non-driven drums only.

Hot-cast delay style provides superior performance in binding strength. The advanced formulation, ability to increase thickness, and application process of our polyurethane result in a product with a very low DIN wear level that will last up to 6 times longer than most rubber lag products.

All delays are available in both natural and Fire Resistant Anti-Static (FRAS) materials.